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MBQ Technologies is a world class cybersecurity specialty distributor providing the most innovative and proven value-added technologies to Latin America.  We strategically partner with you to provide end-to-end solutions for each customer, with:
Proven innovative technologies not available from other distributors
Expertise in cybersecurity for end-to-end solutions and excellent integration
Services to expand your reach and capabilities to support customers
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About us

MBQ Technologies is a world class cybersecurity specialty distributor providing value-added technologies to serve the Latin America Market.

We lead the cybersecurity supply chain through

More Access

To the world’s best cybersecurity technologies, including over 30 exclusive vendors

Better Performance

Through training and knowledge transfer to help our Partners deploy end-to-end solutions

Quality Integration

Through stress-testing and integration with legacy and other infrastructure


To provide services that enable and strengthen our Partners to succeed with our technology portfolio

Our leadership comes from Silicon Valley, Venture Capital and Research, and LATAM  Information Technology and Communications. We helped create and secure some of the best-known brands in the world.

Our mission is to provide the technology innovations and services that help our Partners win.

Win with us

Products & Services

We simplify the Latin American cybersecurity supply chain as your strategic business partner, focused on providing you the best Technologies and Services to win.

Roadmap to Win


Understand your business strategy and ensure our technology portfolio can deliver more customer value


Ensure you can sell from day 1,  through advance training and preparation for local markets and verticals


Identify and source best-in-class technology by region and vertical to meet your needs


Speed your growth with business services and best practices to strengthen customer protection and satisfaction

Our World Class Technologies

Proven innovative technologies not available from other distributors, including increasingly vital Ransomware protection

Infrastructure Protection

Endpoint Security
Mobile Security
Patching Automation

Integrated Risk Management

Situational Awareness
Threat Intelligence
Fusion and Threat Response

Other information security software

Fraud Monitoring
Ransomware Prevention

Application security

API and Microservices

Cloud Security

Network detection and response

Identity Access management

Multi-factor Authentication
Identity Threat Detection & Response
get Exclusive Access

Support services include

We are cutting-edge and proven, with over 30 exclusive vendors who lead cybersecurity in vital business areas. We include support services to ensure each works with excellence for your customers.

Tier1 and Tier2 support in local language
Certified training in local language
Expert integration with existing infrastructure
Professional cyber-engineering and IT services to distinguish your offering:  for example, adapting cutting edge cybersecurity solutions to local requirements and business models

Our Strategic Services

Help you anticipate and meet customer needs, to expand your reach and growth.

Business Planning

Understand your needs and provide complementary solutions to reduce risks and vulnerable surface, including best practice from our research and vendors to fuel innovation and performance

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Promote awareness of our vendor technologies, to the benefit of our Partners
Define go-to-market strategies for Partners, aiming at industry or niche needs to leverage vendor strengths
Create demand generation to benefit our Partners and vendors, using proven tactics focused on ROI
Support up-selling and cross-selling activities to increase Partner revenue, with business development coaching to enhance sales leadership skills and results across all our capabilities

Examples of our strategic business approach

Advising on the roadmap to strengthen your customers’ cybersecurity readiness
Supporting you during all the stages of the technology sale, including RFI creation and processing if needed
Giving you access to best-performing cybersecurity technology with unique business benefits
Bringing you financial alternatives to enable your business
Training you in the current and upcoming technologies through our authorized training center
Providing you Spanish speaking support that helps you give outstanding service
Complementing your offering with the best of breed professional services, to bridge any gaps or create new offerings

Cyber in LATAM

Cybersecurity Technology Distribution is a Priority for LATAM

Global Trends

Cybercrime costs expected to grow to $10.5 trillion annually by 2025

Cybersecurity Ventures

Global cybersecurity workforce needs to grow 89% to effectively defend organizations' critical assets

(ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, 2020

Biden's COVID-19 relief plan includes nearly $10 billion in cybersecurity and IT spending

American Rescue Plan, 2021

55% of workloads are expected to be on the cloud by 2022

Wedbush Securities 2020 Industry note

Average total coast of a data breach is $3.99 million

IBM's 2020 cost of data breach report

82% of organizations claim traditional security tools don't work or have limited functionality

Cybersity Insider's Cloud Security Report, 2020

Cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies take years to come to Latin America because vendors focus on large geo-economical regions like North America and Western Europe before making investments in Emerging Markets.
C-Level executives are challenged to protect their digital assets and business continuity as many technologies protecting against today’s threats do not have representation and support in Latin America.
Cybersecurity vendors are reluctant to invest in Latin America due to lack of knowledge of local business cultures and poor understanding of the key players to partner with as good stewards for their business and their brand.
Due to local language barriers and geographical distances tech support and channel recruitment and development become a challenge for vendors.
BUT, global trends are proving now is the time for Latin America to take advantage of best technologies to secure future growth.

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